Flight Nineteen: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Digital Collection

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Journey into a world of steampunk, mutants, and oil in the first four chapters of Audra Balion’s stunning and colourful graphic novel. This digital edition is available for immediate download after purchase and can be downloaded five times and can be printed one time. Digital products are for personal use only and cannot be re-sold.

Flight Nineteen is a silent graphic novel; there are no speech bubbles or narration boxes. Your reading of it may differ from the original plot, or from other readers’. The goal of the format is visual storytelling. The whole project began with one drawing, and the story developed with pictures first.Audra has a BFA in visual art and a background in theatre. The combination of these arts led her to use gesture, colour, and design to communicate plot, mood, and narrative. Dive in, keep your eyes open, and enjoy the journey.



Flight Nineteen, Chapter 1: The Candle And The Flame (Colour) After her father is blinded in a work accident, Andromache travels to Mephistopolis, the birthplace of the Bio-Mech Revolution. Ruled by its brilliant potentate, Oil, the city of Mephistopolis presents Andromache with a ray of hope in regaining her father’s sight. She learns of an experimental program that augments flesh with metal. But what else goes on in the labs of Oil’s estate?

Flight Nineteen, Chapter 2: The Flight and The Fall (Colour)  Andromache came to Mephistopolis to help her family, and now she is forced into Oil’s twisted project to start a new one. As Oil’s cruelty mounts, Andromache realizes that her life is not the only one at risk. Can she escape Oil’s tyranny, or will Andromache be just another failed experiment?

Flight Nineteen, Chapter 3: The Sanctuary and The Sorcerers (Colour) Badly wounded and nearly drowned, Andromache is taken to the secret Naturalist village of Acadia, hidden in the Floating Forest. The village isn’t the only secret the Floating Forest holds though, as Cyclops takes Andromache to seek the aid of the mysterious Mothren. Can they help her reunite with her captive child, or is it too late?

Flight Nineteen, Chapter 4: The Chameleon and The Calamity (Colour) Her world shattered, Andromache ventures alone into the Swamp of Spectres. There she must search for the truth of herself and of her enemies. The swamp has consumed others before; can she survive its mysteries? Meanwhile, Oil’s anger at Andromache’s betrayal is turned on the people of Mephistopolis, putting more lives in danger.


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