Audra Balion, BFA

Sometimes cute. Sometimes creepy. Always creative.

Ce n’est pas moi

Audra Balion, BFA is an interdisciplinary artist from Saskatoon, SK known for her unique illustrations, paintings, and sculptures that explore surrealism, fantasy, mental illness, the post-modern identity, and more. She has collaborated with local authors, performers, and artists in a wide variety of projects including books and comics, film and theatre, and art showcases. One of Audra’s recent focuses is Flight Nineteen: a silent graphic novel that combines her passions in fine art and theatre design to examine visual storytelling. Audra invites you to dive into her eclectic collection of work and follow along in her artistic journey.

Audra’s Work

Fine Art

Acrylic painting, traditional and digital illustration, and sculpture all live at the heart of Balion’s work!

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards, advertisements, and more! It’s all about creating a unique, eye-catching design that encapsulates a brand.

Theatre Design

Puppets, props, and costume design that have appeared on stage, screen, and wandering the world.

Reclaim the bio-mechanical revolution. Before it’s too late.

Flight Nineteen
A silent graphic novel.
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Everything Else Audra

Commissions and Projects

Bring your idea to life in Audra Balion’s unique style

She never sits still. Audra is always testing new mediums and trying new things. If you think her style and wide variety of skills is right for you, then reach out today to inquire about a commission or including Audra in your next art, film, or theatre project.

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