A Cozy Spot in Downtown Saskatoon to Paint

Saskatoon’s art scene is a vibrant canvas, rich with opportunities for creativity and connection. At the heart of this community is Audra Balion’s studio, located in the historic Drinkle Mall, where she hosts inspiring paint nights that welcome artists of all levels.

Paint nights at Audra’s studio are more than just art classes; they are experiences that foster community, creativity, and confidence. Audra creates completely new and original designs for her paint nights that are carefully crafted so that both seasoned painters and folks picking up a brush for the first time will enjoy themselves as they get painting.

What to Expect

Participants can look forward to a welcoming atmosphere, all necessary materials provided, and expert guidance from Audra. She has taught classes for both children and adults, and she always puts the focus is on enjoyment and exploration. Some designs may require a little more patience, so if you’re thinking of bringing your little ones to come paint with you, take a look and see if they’d be interested. Audra always makes sure to brew up some complementary tea and have some cookies on hand to enjoy while diving into the creative process.

Join Audra for a Paint Night

Audra hosts paint nights every month and also offers private sessions for groups. Book your tickets for this month’s paint night and check out group rates and gift bundles today through Audra’s online shop.

About Audra

Audra Balion is a multi-talented artist known for her work in fine art, graphic design, and theatre. Her Saskatoon studio in Drinkle Mall serves as a jumping off point for imagination, where paint night participants can explore various painting techniques and themes.