Next week I’ll be hosting a Feedback Session on Visual Storytelling via the Community Project.

This session will explore Visual Storytelling, from the areas of painting, drawing, and comic books, with influences from theatre and theatre design.

Pre-Session, attendees will receive a piece of art to study. (It’s also at the end of this blog post.) At the beginning of the session, everyone may explain what story they read, and why.

During Session, we will discuss elements in Visual Storytelling, such as Colours & Symbolism, Gesture & Expression, as well as discussing visual storytelling as a means of human Communication & Connection.

Post-Session, attendees will receive a story, and using knowledge learned from the session, are invited to create an illustration of the story. These artworks are (optionally) shared with the group upon completion.

Register for the session to receive the pre-session pic. Bring your sketchbook to the session; we’ll be doodling a bit. 

Session is Tuesday, September 20 at 6pm Saskatoon time. Free and online. Open to all. ?

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