I sculpted this Hooligan, “Doubt,” in June 2014. Unlike the previous Hooligans, which are about 1.5” tall, this one is about 3.6” tall. Mostly I wanted to use my big google eye, which made the larger scale necessary. Here is how Doubt was made:

I make my Hooligans out of a thermoplastic called Worbla. In order to save materials, I used a Christmas ball and half an old film case for the base.

I heated sheets of Worbla with a heat gun and covered the base with it, then used a small wood carving knife to flatten out all the seams and lumps.

At this point I made a sketch to guide the sculpture, and started sculpting.

The features are added on to the base by heating both parts and smushing them together. There is glue in Worbla, so you don’t need to use any to attach it to itself, just reheat. The horns are solid Worbla – I should have filled them with aluminum foil or something to conserve worbla and reduce weight, but I didn’t.

Two layers of acrylic gesso to prime it for painting.
Using acrylic paint, I painted the horns and did an underpainting on the body.
I added crackle paint to give more texture, and dried it with a heat gun before the final paint job.
All done!