On March 1st, I’ll be celebrating ONE YEAR of leaving my day job, and becoming a FULL TIME ARTIST!!

I could not have done this without the support of all my fans, customers, clients, and patrons. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me live my dream, even in this weird pandemic world. (Two weeks after I started this full-time, we went into lockdown, which cancelled all my theatre jobs and conventions. Conventions and Art Festivals were my primary point of sales.) But you have all been here cheering me on, sharing my work, and ordering my work and commissions, helping pay my bills.

I am just so thankful for you all, and have a small present for you. Click the link at the end of this post to download a PDF of a special little artwork I’ve made for you, as shown above. The drawing features all kinds of art spheres, but also highlights them through the lens of my own work and play. Patrons of “Pen Pal” Tier or higher will also receive a print of it in their Goodie Package in March, and lower tier Patrons will be mailed a smaller print of it, too! If you’d like to become my Patron, there is also a link at the end of this. If you become a Patron in March, you’ll receive the above perks as well, even though your regular perks don’t start until April.

I hope you all enjoy the little present. It will be available all of March, and then removed from the Google Drive. Thank you all, again, and I wish you all good health and happiness.